Our take on Online Marketing Singapore Centric Strategy

There are many takes on online marketing.  The term has evolved from the early internet advertising where the primary objective is simply to reach out to as many people, regardless of their relevancy and effect.

Pure advertisers are the first who jumps the wagon in using the internet to advertise and drive sales.  In the hay of emails blasting as outreach strategy, internet advertising companies (both client and service providers) worked with database companies in generating emails blasts to any email addresses they can lay hands on.  However, such strategy now fails miserably. Data protection, consumer consent requirements, junk mail technologies and consumer adverse reactions to such advertising email blasts, ensues that such junk mail style blasting are much limited and reduced and their effects are more negative than positive.

Then come various forms of platform advertising as the internet proliferate with diverse website functions and platforms such as search engines advertising space, online marketplaces, directory and listing websites and social media platforms such as facebook and blog sites.

To put things in perspective, the above forms of platform advertising, including the initial email blasts have their fair share of successes (and failures).  As such, it is important to understand why some people succeed while others failed and wasted precious resources.

At The Sunday Studio. we believe in setting goals and having clarity towards your goals.  In short, we prefer to be specific, very specific and focussed.  We are a Singapore oriented web base solution provider and we like to coin the term Singapore Centric. As such, here is our take on Online Marketing Singapore Centric.

Marketing is an ongoing effect to generate values for the target organisation.  Marketing is for all sorts of businesses, both big and small.  The values generated include: direct sales and revenue benefits in both short and medium term perspective; branding and awareness in the medium to long term range.  Advertising is one of the marketing tools that one can use to achieve its marketing objective(s).  Online marketing is a subset of Marketing but in itself is a comprehensive strategy that can be used on a standalone basis in some instances or to compliment a business full marketing plan.

In identifying the online marketing objective(s), as reiterated, it has to be specific and focussed.  A good start is to identify your immediate customer and market.  Narrow your definition and aim to capture the most obvious.  Second, have a balance approach in your short, mid and long term goals.  It is obviously sales that you are after but do take in consideration your mid term positioning and long term brand effect.  As such, have an integrated plan and budget your resources to both short term promotions and advertising and also mid to long term positioning and brand effects.

At The Sunday Studio, we are able to help you create a Singapore centric strategy for your online marketing needs.  This includes:

a. carefully crafted keyword terms that are SEO Singapore search oriented to aid in your site, product and service search possibility and placement.

b. building relevant links and information updates to increase your site internet footprint and maintaining its currentness.

b. base on your budget allocation to the different sales, position and brand objectives, develop and execute social media push advertising and promotions, search engine marketing (SEM) on Google advertising platform and more.

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