Website Development

Web Site Development

Our services include web development, design, and delivering tools to manage content for your personal or corporate websites

Our Approach:
Understanding Customer Needs, Conceptualization, Design, Develop, and Discoverability to bring brands and business services to the web and mobile space.

Step 1: Understanding Customer Needs
Our expert team of designers and developers take the time to understand client needs.

Step 2: Conceptualization
Our team then translate clients visions and requirements into concepts and solutions.

Step 3: Design
Template Designs
We have huge database of template designs that covers array of themes that cater for multiple industries. Template designs helps clients make inform decision for the look and feel that they are looking for and eventually guiding them to functionality and features they would like to have.

Custom Designs
Know what you want? We provide a 1-on-1 briefing session which will take your ideas and transform them into unique and aesthetically pleasing look and feel while educating our clients about user experience, usability, and functionality needed for the design of the website.

Step 4: Develop – Functionality and Features
Open Source
With rapid changes in the digital space, open source solution provides for quicker deployment and a portfolio of functions and features allowing for simple but robust websites.

Key Tools we provide to our clients:
- Content Management Systems
- Analytic and Tracking
- Social Media Setup and Integration
- Monetization Platforms (e.g. adserving, ecommerce solutions)

Step 5: Search Engine Optimization
Once your website is ready for launch, Sunday Studio works on a last component called Search Engine Optimization which is discoverability of your website via a Search Engines. With correct implementation of Search Engine Optimization it will be strong foundation for the growth of your website