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Our take on Online Marketing Singapore Centric Strategy

There are many takes on online marketing.  The term has evolved from the early internet advertising where the primary objective is simply to reach out to as many people, regardless of their relevancy and effect.

Pure advertisers are the first who jumps the wagon in using the internet to advertise and drive sales.  In the hay of emails blasting as outreach strategy, internet advertising companies (both client and service providers) worked with database companies in generating emails blasts to any email addresses they can lay hands on.  However, such strategy now fails miserably. Data protection, consumer consent requirements, junk mail technologies and consumer adverse reactions to such advertising email blasts, ensues that such junk mail style blasting are much limited and reduced and their effects are more negative than positive.

Then come various forms of platform advertising as the internet proliferate with diverse website functions and platforms such as search engines advertising space, online marketplaces, directory and listing websites and social media platforms such as facebook and blog sites.

To put things in perspective, the above forms of platform advertising, including the initial email blasts have their fair share of successes (and failures).  As such, it is important to understand why some people succeed while others failed and wasted precious resources.

At The Sunday Studio. we believe in setting goals and having clarity towards your goals.  In short, we prefer to be specific, very specific and focussed.  We are a Singapore oriented web base solution provider and we like to coin the term Singapore Centric. As such, here is our take on Online Marketing Singapore Centric.

Marketing is an ongoing effect to generate values for the target organisation.  Marketing is for all sorts of businesses, both big and small.  The values generated include: direct sales and revenue benefits in both short and medium term perspective; branding and awareness in the medium to long term range.  Advertising is one of the marketing tools that one can use to achieve its marketing objective(s).  Online marketing is a subset of Marketing but in itself is a comprehensive strategy that can be used on a standalone basis in some instances or to compliment a business full marketing plan.

In identifying the online marketing objective(s), as reiterated, it has to be specific and focussed.  A good start is to identify your immediate customer and market.  Narrow your definition and aim to capture the most obvious.  Second, have a balance approach in your short, mid and long term goals.  It is obviously sales that you are after but do take in consideration your mid term positioning and long term brand effect.  As such, have an integrated plan and budget your resources to both short term promotions and advertising and also mid to long term positioning and brand effects.

At The Sunday Studio, we are able to help you create a Singapore centric strategy for your online marketing needs.  This includes:

a. carefully crafted keyword terms that are SEO Singapore search oriented to aid in your site, product and service search possibility and placement.

b. building relevant links and information updates to increase your site internet footprint and maintaining its currentness.

b. base on your budget allocation to the different sales, position and brand objectives, develop and execute social media push advertising and promotions, search engine marketing (SEM) on Google advertising platform and more.

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SEO Singapore Centric versus SEO part 1

In this SEO topic, we will present a series of information and discussions on what internet searches means to you from a SEO Singapore perspective and what it does to others such as the information search providers and end users.

The world wide web provides a virtual database, list and directories of names, information and all sorts of information and contents.SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisation generally means your web presence settings.  This is akin to traditional information listings on printed materials except that web contents are more dynamic and accessible.

With search engines and internet, informations are made readily available but also generates more noises and irrelevancy.  This is so as searches (depending on search criteria) will generate hits across categories, nationalities and from past to present times.  As such, it is crucial that anyone, any organisation that wants to have a web presence be mindful of what their web presence stands for in the eyes of search engines such as GOOGLE and end users.

Search engines are like the ‘god’ of the virtual internet space to some extend.  They are responsible in determining ‘who’, ‘when’, ‘what’ goes into their ‘where’ spaces.   However, the search engines are also reactive in the sense that the information and efforts that ‘who’ put in affects their decision in where you belong in their ‘ where’ and ‘when’ space.  This is analogous to one living, albeit in the virtual internet space.  In essence, especially for a business, it is important to determine ‘who’ you are, ‘where’ you belong and ‘what’ you want to achieve.

In our tiny Singapore context, it is especially true and can mean a whole of difference in how you are perceived and directly affects your business success on the web.  It is important to reiterate that having a website is not a direct equal to having a web presence.  If you are not ‘searchable’ or ‘search friendly’ on the web, your web presence is nullified.  Second, a web presence can mean anything or it can mean nothing.  This really means that you want super relevant target search audience and also that you are strongly identified within the boundaries that constituted or constrain your business.  And here, once again we like to use the term SEO Singapore centric.  Unless you are a truly global business entity that counts its success on transnational identity and who’s business capabilities transient across borders, your business web presence should really be for a specific (location) context – Singapore.  Having said that, even mega enterprises with international businesses also aim for a specific location context with carefully planned websites and contents that make them global in name but local oriented in their business delivery.

In this post, we have provide an overview of the internet and internet searches and what they mean to you and your business by understanding what you really stand for to the search engines and audiences.  In the next post, we will explain in details why SEO Singapore centric is important if you are a local business promoting your Singapore identity or targeting Singapore audiences.

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10 top tips on best practice for your web interface design

To succinct the core of web interface design, the initial step would be to encounter the development of modern web development. A website or an application’s appearance to the world is everything that a company can serve. A website is like a dish, which is presented to connoisseurs to understand, comprehend and make some sense out of it. No matter how relevant the content is, as long as you do not present something exceedingly desirable in terms of presentation, user interface and quality; customers won’t notice it.

User interface underlings the hidden architecture of the website and the applications, it speaks aloud about the coding and concealed attributes that contribute toward making it a better place to work with. Web interface design must be easy to manage and comprehend for users. Web interface Design Bridge the connection between the content, architecture, visual design and interaction design. Other than being intuitive, comprehensive, simple and responsive for users, there is more to web interface design. Below are 10 must haves for web interface design:

  1. Designing Interaction: Different people look for different things when they visit a website and there’s a purpose behind every visit. Information, purchase, graphics and umpteenth things, yet one thing common between them is the simplicity of the page. Realistic and lucid presentation goes a long way.
  2. Emphasise on common UI elements: To make users comfortable with your website / application it is necessary to offer them what they are comfortable with. Sometimes going beyond the customary can cost you too much.
  3. Seek rationale: Careful and terse placement of objects and tabs can drive in ample of attention. Adding too much of variants can subsequently lead to confusion and loss of prospective customer. Little pieces of information are most advantageous.
  4. Strategic inputs: Ensure that you put strategic inputs in your development. Selection of color, text, font size and type are all integral to the process and cast a very strong impression.
  5. Conjecture: Give high importance to the relevance drawn from the product. Your customer should be able to draw thorough relevance from your presentation.
  6. Clarity of thought: Consider how you’d see at it if you were a customer and then define each and every element of the page. Increase scalability, credibility and reliability of the page.
  7. Anticipate the goals: Think about the odds and foresee the purpose of people coming to your website and think if it’s resolving the purpose. This will help you with a quick reality check and thence the improvement.
  8. Specialized controls: Customer’s love to have a little control over the web and simple tools that add up to the customization is a value added feature that breaks all the barriers.
  9. Extended capabilities: Shadow around the pop-up, emphasize on pressed buttons, specialized features, context sensitive integration and a lot more can help you build an interactive and clean website.
  10. Key function: Not all control and features hold the same relevance and your customer may not know about the USP of your website and therefore it is for you to bring key elements to notice by putting special efforts on its development.

The key factors to SEO your web site

Search engines have become highly sophisticated and therefore unclear and vague approaches do not work. For experts to put a profile or a website on the forefront of search engines, highly integrated and repetitive techniques are required. Top SEO Services involve compelling architecture that can crawl through any search and redefine their website.

SEO experts formulate techniques on the links of a website. They put stress on the product, service & keywords that identify the presence of the website and therefore make certain that the product is being identified, located and searched with the closest relevance on the web. But why do organizations need SEO?

In the recent days, SEO has come up as a very impressive technology, which is being used and accepted by a wide variety of organization around the world, for they are able to bring their product and services to the world, with better techniques, at the desirable hours, therefore leading to driven sales. With an average estimate that speaks for the industry, close to $60,215 was spent on SEO in the current year and 78% of the respondents believe that SEO is essential, beneficial and integral for business growth.

The search engine’s own webmaster tools remain popular all the while and still they extended their hands to reach out for more. Top 10 SEO all time tools are:

  • Google
  • MOZ
  • Site Explorer
  • Majestic SEO
  • Screaming Frog
  • Bing
  • Yoast
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Firebug

SEO has helped companies grow, build awareness and brand acceptance. It has subsequently enabled service providers to gain an edge over their competitors so that their services and products are recognized. Every company today has an equal platform to work on. SEO optimization is cheap and highly affordable, it can be customized on the basis of one’s requirement, and it leads to genuine sales augmentation and brand promotion. The four key factors for superior SEO are:

Inbound links

Providing link to the pages of your site can be very promising. These links relate towards high quality of your website and brings prolific growth to your feed. Furthermore, posting on any high quality website can bring great traffic to you; leading to success.

Page Title Tags

While most web mangers go about ignoring these title tags, it is now the time when one must understand how important they are for the growth of the website. Real estate industry catches a lot of traffic and prospective buyers based on catchy titles and subsequent work. The same is for food & beverage; when compelling ideas allure your readers, they cannot help but visit you and eventually buy from you.

Page Content

A buyer’s decision is made directly on the basis of what they read, hear or see. Today, every industry is bound to the supreme control of words. Content has been and is becoming an essential and integral part of marketing, promotion and advertisement. Content in that regard is informative, promotional, compelling and a very powerful act of marketing. With the same content, you can cast different image, impression and notion on different people.

Internal Links and Tags

The last but not the least key factor to the SEO category is the internal links and tags that build customer’s interest. These are also a highly rich source of enhancing the productivity.

Responsive design: What is it and how it will be useful for your business?

There’s no bar on the advancement of technology, neither can one fathom as to when and how it will grow; the only option for everyone is to accept the way it comes. It is easier to make complex things, whilst it is tremendously challenging to make easier things. Responsive website designing is a fully integrated marketing plan that brings growth. We are witnessing an era of revolution, era which will later define the paramount of technology subduing traditional methods.

Our world has become totally dependent upon technically sound gadgets like Smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers. With each passing day, customer awareness is increasing, giving birth to queries and curiosity. As a result, we have as many searches from these gadgets in a day as we get from computers.

Every website is being logged in, visited, seen and used through cell phones. Therefore, unable to deliver the same quality over a different platform will put customer’s patience at test. Users are highly volatile in nature today because of the level of available options. Unavailability will reduce customer’s interest.

Organizations are elated with the benefits of responsive web designs. They are glad to see that with the growing technological developments their websites are in full compliance with the world. Today nearly every website has turned itself into a responsive one. These websites are also benefiting users as they need not confront any cumbersome event while making an online search.

It is probably coming as no surprise that mobile phones have revolutionized the whole world. Today, people access more information on their mobiles than at any other medium.  Even with such commanding and compelling evidence, many companies are still looking for reasons to adopt this technology.

Responsive website design is nothing but the ability to access a website from any gadget without breaking the content and images. It is a technology that allows websites to adjust according to the varying screen type so that there is no reduction in the quality and misplacing the content. It vouches easy navigation, brief integration, unbiased productivity & responsiveness in terms of fixing with the screen size

To model the need of websites, developing companies use this as one of the most appealing aspect. They offer great user experience. They do not break, the title fits perfectly, the image does not move out of the box and website adjusts itself according to the size of the screen. This is an important characteristic. A site that works well regardless of variables, it makes it more open to being used by customers.

Responsive web designers enable you with the power to connect. No wonder, digital media has aggrandized the elements of approachability. Unlike gone days where one on one conversation was considered to be the best, today a company can hit even the remotest areas of the world with equal competence. The idea is that if you are selling a product, you have to consider this whole world as a platform to sell. With globalization in hand and increased purchasing power responsiveness is taking a toll over other marketing strategies. Thence, not being responsive can be a recipe of disaster.

What is Search Engine Optimization and how it affects your business?

For a lot of marketers Search Engine Optimization came in as a blessing that has factually and accurately casted exponential growth of the brand. For most of us SEO might just have been a traditional internet promotional activity and nothing more, however today it is one of the most promising and hopeful service for emerging business. SEO is an art, process, tact and procedure through which the visibility of a website is enhanced so that it is present on the relevant feeds for customer’s interest. SEO is different than the paid services which are usually present on search engines and thence it is known as natural / organic search.

For emerging business where it is exceedingly crucial for organizations to get themselves noticed, search engine optimization plays a critical role in web management. Without this, most of the websites would be unable to attain popularity, attention and subsequently sales. SEO helps in building a platform where a particular website reaches at the top (feeds) using some set of skills. Search engines have become highly sophisticated and therefore unclear and vague approaches do not work.

For experts to put a profile or a website on the forefront of search engines, highly integrated and repetitive techniques are required. Top SEO Services involve compelling architecture that can crawl through any search and redefine their website. Services that demand websites to have their own specification will not produce much effect than the ones whose architectures are self-starters and work magnificently and efficiently with different services.

SEO has helped companies grow, build awareness and brand acceptance. It has subsequently enabled service providers to gain an edge over their competitors so that their services and products are recognized. Every company today has an equal platform to work on. They not only work with the same set of opportunities but compete with the most efficient clients. To be able to serve, you will have to come under the awareness cadre, which is only when your clients will know that you exist and therefore buy from you.

Everything on web revolves around the presence of traffic on your website. When customers search about a product/service that they are willing to buy or procure, they look for it over the web and therefore they reach out for it. When they won’t find you there, they won’t know about your service and subsequently won’t buy. SEO helps you in reaching out for customers, connecting with people who may be interested in buying. Top positions on the search engine result drive huge traffic and they are all derived from SEO.

SEO Company ensures and vouches for better rate of return. It is certain that whatever amount you will invest will receive more value from the amount you have invested. It will bring your site, product among the top rated ones through keywords, based on location, service, customer preference and everything else that accounts for growth and business. The rate of return is thus measured in terms of business growth and leads of customers. A hit from Google is much more valuable from any other source and therefore, SEO is the best link for ROI.

Doing SEO for business is a complete package where a company will have all the advantages from cultivating network relationships to a logical approach of always staying in the market. So having SEO done for your website will pave way for success in both; short and the long run and it will keep your website around important and loyal customers.