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We’re a expert group of entrepreneurs, gamers, developers and designers that have a passion for creating web and mobile presence and specialises in SEO Singapore centric and strategising specific Online Marketing Singapore Centric programs for all types of businesses and individual needs.

Having various aspects from business, technology and lifestyle we solve problems in a unique way that helps answer the “Why”?

Our focus is providing a one-stop solution and satisfactory results because we care and want to see people and businesses that we help succeed!

SEO Singapore

At the Sunday Studio, our target market is Singapore related web searches on products and services and also general information content. We believe that SEO Singapore centric strategy is a sustainable and long-term cost effective solution to your web presence needs.

Web UX Design

Our services include web development, design, and delivering tools to manage content for your personal or corporate websites


The Sunday Studio e-commerce platform solution specializes in providing open source solutions to small businesses at a low-cost and big scale businesses a tailor-made like storefront experience.

Our Team

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Danny Cheok


Eileen Teo


Ghee Soo Kee


Our Work

A Little Of What We Do

  • Emerald City
  • SME Health
  • Hometown Singapore
  • Orange Credit
  • Kah Soon Textile
  • Ken Hong Seng Tat Kee Trading


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Our Stories

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Responsive design: What is it and how it will be useful for your business?

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What is Search Engine Optimization and how it affects your business?

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For more information feel free to contact us at contact@thesundaystudio.com

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