Design & web development trends 2015, part 1

longer phones

Web development trends 2015 has carry forward the hues and cues of smart phone permeability and the increase need for mobile viewing.  This can be seen from the increasingly popular ‘long scrolling’ websites that extends not only to homepage but also to subpages such as products & services.  More and more websites now employ long scroll pages with ‘read more’ links extending each scroll as opposed to previously popular ‘click and open’ page format.

Apple has continue its ‘long’ phone format extending such style from iphone 5 to the current 6 version.  Android phone makers also see such scrolling advantages as evidence in their notes and tablets series remaining big and long in their phone dimensions.

This year, web design in long scroll format will see it complimenting functional scrolls by using various visual techniques and animation to enhance reading impacts and grabbing attentions while reader continues to scroll down web contents.

Stay tuned in months to come for more web development & design trend 2015!


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