2014 Web Design Trends

In the midst of the year where everything you expected has already come to terms with the burgeoning trends and the nearing future is intriguing and compelling enough to make you change your web strategies, you wonder how and what can be done for the best output. Every year something invariably new floats in the market, without which the survival is difficult. Now, one can say that these trends leave as quickly as they come, but that is not true. So while 2014 has already knocked down many amateur designs and trends, it has certainly given birth to other promising ones too.

Web designing is the epitome of innovation and something that demands constant renewal. When companies get high and dry over the growing expanse of innovation, all they need is something extremely creative and something of their own. 2014 has been pretty promising till now and it aims to deliver even more in the nearing future.

Simple V/s Responsive
Simple designs are completely out of the picture now, are they? I think enterprises need to reconsider when they think about simple designs. Today, a recent surveillance has revealed that customers do not like too much content, too much graphics and too much specifications; it all becomes a haywire. What customers want is open, lucid, clean, clear, simple and responsive designs. They do not want too much content, what they want is just the right amount of everything.

Combining with Flat UI, minimalism would define itself as a perfect blend of only having what is needed. A mixture of smooth colors, combined with complete simplicity which brings a unique look to the website. Flat is only growing and provides an edge to the website by keeping it descriptive enough to explain and précised enough keep it desirable. These designs are emerging already and a lot many enterprises are opting for it, also the established ones are switching to it.

The Content
Content; Audio, Video and words is important and integral. The web designing content relies a lot on the video systems. You can only write a paragraph or two to keep your customer glued to your website, however a video will make them ask for more. A video is the voice of today’s customer, the one that explains everything and yet keep it short and simple.

One-Page Scrolling
Ease is the new business. The more comfortable you keep your customer; the likelier they are to connect with you. Why make them look for something all over the place when you can give them the same thing at one page? One-page scrolling is so much and a floating trend. Companies are ardently opting for this to keep their website clean and user friendly.

Fixed Navigation
2014 has seen some flourishing growths in the world of web. We have seen websites that takes us to these fixed navbars. Customers do not want to fiddle to many options, as they seek quick source to play with the content. Fixed navigation is taking big time on websites due to the extreme presence of social media.

The scalability and the attentive nature of the website can only be found in the attention to details and these little things that make it better. The trends in 2014 are truly innovative and worth keeping. They have certainly revolutionized the way we see web.

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